Sunday, October 28, 2012

Live From The Heart: Dane

*** UPDATE: Sorry folks, the issue still exists with this video (the sound drops out half way through) - we are working on rectifying it! I'll let you know when the video is reloaded properly. Thanks for your patience. M

AJ & I had never met Dane when he completed the following interview with the God's Way of Love Communications Team.

I found his story both interesting and inspiring. Thanks Dane for sharing your journey.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We are planting trees. 

Some have sat in the nursery a long time, waiting for us to prepare good earth. 

My breath catches as I ease this one out of its pot. Its roots are bound. 

I have to break up them up otherwise they’ll stay growing in circles and the tree never grow tall. 

It will live like it’s still got the limits of a 4x6 pot – when in fact all around is fertile soil. 

My hand is tentative as I work the roots. You see, I know what it’s like – this sudden shock. To have every part of where you thought you were going and growing to, suddenly exposed to naked air. Everything you thought to be truth abruptly in question. Sudden blank space where you thought there would be solid ground. 

It stuns you. It winds you. It’s scary and hurts more than a little. 

It can feel lonely and lost. 

It causes you to question: ‘What is right?’ ‘What is good?’ “What do I really want anyway?’ 

Nothing feels certain for a while. 

But in the end, I’ve come to give thanks for this process. In fact, I know that to grow I’m sure to repeat it. 

Just like this tree, we each of us have things in our roots that would keep us bound and small. We don’t always see them, these patterns of growth that keep leading us toward pain and restriction.

Life has led us to view some errors as truth, some truth as error. There is a great challenge in coming to understand that in at times what seems like comfort and goodness, is actually a limit and drain. There are threads of truth amongst the weave of error and humility is the only way I know to grow in discernment between the two, to grow this soul in love.
photo source with thanks
And this is it - I don’t know of a seamless, sedate and calm way to reassess who you are, and to truly make change. 

It takes a shake up to break out of the mould. 

Some roots are bound to error and breaking that away, breathing into new ways feels foreign and flawed sometimes. It takes faith in things higher to shift forward and expand.

At times, it takes bowing in deepest humility to discomfort and uncertainty, before the greatest truth can come.

So I steady my hands and make them firm as I pull away roots from their inward spiraling course. 

I know the joy that comes out of this kind of struggle and shock. 

I make a good bed for this tree to rest in. 

Don’t worry little one, this shock and upheaval will pass. And you will find yourself in a place to be nurtured; a new world of possibilities surrounds you. 

All this shaking loose is just you shaking free.

I smile and sigh. 

Go well little plant, find new earth, become something you cannot even yet dream. 

  We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Group Announcement - 'Across The Mists' Part 3

Yep, you read right.

In our next book group we'll meet up for part three of the discussion of Chapter 12 - 'Across The Mists'.

Turns out the shortest chapter in the book has many lessons for us all to learn.

So, if you are a part of book group here is some extra homework to prepare for Wednesday (chuckle, I know, I know. Shortest chapter = Most amount of homework ever):

1. In last week's discussion we talked about how sympathetic attraction between people on earth and in spirit, often leads to codependent relationships (and how - lets face it- co dependence is never really a good thing). So how does this knowledge relate to Cushna's statement:
Yes! Love conquers death, and that one great law which governs and controls everything with us, is also the means by which we may reach and save mankind. Sympathy, whether pure or impure, base or noble, holy or unholy, has a natural attraction for that which is like itself, and its power is not destroyed by the grave, as you have seen in the cause of our present mission.
If all laws are governed by the one great law (of Love) as Cushna states - how are sympathetic attractions be loving?

2. As Fred and Cushna discuss the darkness of the earth plane, Cushna states:
The amount and quality of light radiating from a man, declares his real condition. We do not need to be told, it is impossible to deceive us, because it is impossible to tamper with the witness.
Fred asks:
What does the cold, keen air indicate?
 And Cushna responds:
The degree of charity registered by the spiritual thermometer.
(or in other words the degree of the lack of charity - my words added here)
Consider the questions:
In what ways do I reflect charity in my day to day life?
In what ways is charity extended to me in my day to day life?

3. Listen to the channelling of a local woman who attends book group, and a group of Christian women who also attend.

You can find the downloads by going to this page.

Or you can right-click the following links and save the file:

Mary 20121020 Jesus Talks To Karen (A Christian Spirit Woman Who Attends Book Group).mp3
Mary 20121020 Jesus Talks To Mandy (A Local Spirit Woman Who Attends Book Group).mp3

There will also be a special guest joining us for the meeting.

Following the group there will be a presentation by Jesus. Topic of the discussion is 'How to Create Loving Eco Systems' and much of these lessons will guide our activities at this year's Summerfest. Anyone interested is welcome to attend and there will be time for questions during the presentation. Full details in the Divine Truth Events tab.

Book groupers, perhaps you would be kind enough to pass on this information to other members who may not have regular internet access?

With love and thanks,

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Thing To Focus On First

1.   The benefits of a relationship with God

All of those other beautiful truths, which all of you have been so attracted to for the majority of your lives, will all come to you, if you develop this relationship first. Now those truths may come to you over a period of time if you develop other relationships, instead of this relationship with God, but you’ll never understand them until you receive the Divine Love to understand them. So do that first. Focus on that relationship with God first. When you focus on that relationship and long for God’s love to enter you what will happen is, you will feel this two-way conversation, which is an emotional conversation between you and God. And you will know God exists. That is the way in fact that you will prove to yourself that God exists. And no one will ever be able to shake that in you. And you’ll get to the point when you’ve received enough Divine Love to be at-one with God that no one will ever be able to shake any of the knowledge in you. (02.21.12)

You will feel the truth inside of your being and you will become outspoken about it, you will have no fear about it, you will know it’s the truth inside of yourself. You’ll become the person who speaks in knowledge. Not in knowledge of intellectual knowledge, you’ll become a person who speaks in full emotional knowledge of the truth that you’ve actually personally experienced. That’s what will happen to you. So my suggestion is to really contemplate this stuff about praying for Divine Love and praying for Divine Truth. They are the two greatest things that you could ever pray for and allow yourself to start understanding God’s nature and let yourself to feel and meditate about God’s nature and connect to God. Allow that to occur and your soul will expand a lot more rapidly than if you try to circumvent that or you get interested in other things. (01.22.09)

And the beauty of doing that is that all of your spirit communication will all grow very rapidly as a result. All of your joy will grow rapidly as a result, if you do it that way. If you do it the other way where you’re focused on these other emotions, you’re focused on natural love, you’re not so focused on God, you want to connect with your spirit guide and all those things, it will be much slower for you. So allow yourself to do what’s going to be the most powerful thing. And I know right at this moment many of you may feel like, “Oh, God doesn’t feel real to me.” So say that to God, “You don’t feel real to me. I don’t know why, but I would like you to feel real to me. How do I do that?” And notice what happens in your Law of Attraction. What is it then attracted to you? Say to God the thing that you feel. Just be honest with God. Because remember connection with God is all about honesty and truth. (01.23.10)

Excerpt from the E-book "Longing For Divine Love" 
A transcript of a teaching by Jesus

L to R: Luli, Barb, Lizzi

I'm excited to tell you about the work of these three lovely women. Lizzi, Barbara and Luli have been working to create transcripts of past seminars, and are now putting them into various formats to make them more accessible to others. Due to their efforts many past seminars are now available as e-books.

These books are broken into easy to read chapters, and all the 'ums', 'ahs' and 'does this makes sense's have been edited out. They make for great reading whether it be in chunks or as a long sit-down read.

E-books are available for download to your Kindle, IPod, IPad or computer at this site or at

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'Summerfest' Date Claimer

Our friends the Lytton-Hitchins family really inspire me.

After many years as sheep and cattle farmers, they now want to transition their 15,000 acre property into an environment supporting all of God's Creations.

Their farm is already becoming a sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife just through the changes they have made in their souls and the flow on effect this has had on their actions and aspirations. In the long-term I know their desires are to provide a place to demonstrate how farmers can transition from practices that are harsher on the environment to ones that are more in harmony with how God cares for things.

I love that this family recognizes that they are in transition. They can see that some of the things they have done with livestock and the land in the past haven't been perfect or loving, but instead of just dropping everything and starting again somewhere else, they are acting to change from where they are at. I see this as a demonstration of their desire to take responsibility for what they have created and to move from the point of view of 'owners' to become good 'stewards' of the earth.

Some exciting things they have been working on this past year have been:

- Breeding intelligence back into their sheep, and breeding sheep back so that they no longer need their tails cut-off

- Investigating (with Jesus’ help) ways to regenerate earth that has been damaged by grazing and by chemicals.

- Experimenting with ‘Back to Eden’ gardening techniques

- Experimenting with loving ways to fix erosion, and condition soil. Learning about Living Systems!

To me this family’s journey with the land could be a metaphor for the work we all must do on our own souls. Humbly, we must start where we are at, imperfect and damaged, and take responsibility for what we have done, all the while moving towards the people we hope to become.

Another one of the many things I love about these guys is their passion for giving to others and all of Gods Creations, including plants and animals. Last October they gave us all the opportunity to spend a week planting native trees and shrubs on land that had been grazed for the past 160 years. They took part of what supported their livelihood and gave it back to nature.

Our aim at ‘Octoberfest’ was to form a corridor of native habitation so that birds and animals had safe passage across the property and access food, shelter and water. So much care and planning went into this effort. Jesus and Peter spent a long time in the months beforehand preparing to ensure the trees were well fed and watered through the use of swales and ‘swaling systems’. They also spent time during that week feeling what the land in each area needed and what trees would go together in certain locations in order to form particular and cohesive habitats for certain birds and animals.
Some of my favourite things from the week last year were seeing so many of you (around 100) work together so peacefully and with care and regard for giving to the land and the trees. 

I loved that after all that hard work and despite aching backs and arms, everyone still seemed to have energy for singing or dancing in the evening. I loved yoga in the early morning with Cecily.

I loved the spectacular thunder storm that descending after our last day of planting. 

This year the Lytton-Hitchins family are offering us all another opportunity to learn and to give to the land and its systems.

'Summerfest' will be held from the 27th of November till the 4th of December (more details at the end of this post).

This year the focus will be on understanding, supporting and creating eco-systems with special emphasis on the importance of bacteria, fungus, insects and creatures that live in the soil. We will also look at ways to create self-supporting systems i.e. planting and creating habitats that don’t need ongoing care and maintenance.

While we will still plant some trees, the week will broken up between different activities that will give you opportunities to learn as well as give to the land.

In the evenings we are hoping to have some fun with Karaoke, dancing and possibly more mediumship. There might also be ‘Finding Your True Voice’ workshops, face painting and various other escapades according to the desire and passion-following of individuals. 

Last weekend we got together to plan and have some fun in preparation for 'Summerfest'!

Summerfest Date details are as follows:

27th November
Arrival @ Kyabra in the afternoon to set-up camp
Evening welcome and orientation with Jesus and Mary

28th Nov – 3rd Dec 
Activity Days in Teams

Activities will include:
Creating a Systems to Support Small Animals
Creating a Loving Home Garden
Working with Swales, Living Systems and Contour Planting
Tree Planting
Tending to Last Years Plantings
Three Considerations for Supporting Wildlife and Planning Where to Position Nesting Boxes

(full programme details will appear later so that you may plan which days you would like to attend, not every activity will be happening on every day of Summerfest)

4th December
Pack up camp and go home.


This event is open to anyone wishing to participate, not just those who are interested in the teachings of Divine Truth.

If a week is too long, it will be possible to attend and participate for only part of the week.

Because of the need to organize teams and events it will be necessary to register your intention to attend. Details on how to register will appear in the Divine Truth Events tab soon. When you register please provide details of which days you plan to attend and if you will be camping.

Camping is available on Kentucky

If you plan to camp please:

1. Advise when you register your desire to camp and the length of time you plan to attend.

2. Observe the Lytton-Hitchen’s guidelines for camping including no alcohol, cigarettes, meat or drugs on the property. More details will appear on Pete and Eloisa's blog.

3. And ask yourself the ‘three questions’ found on their events page.


If you attended ‘Octoberfest’ last year, what were your favourite things about the week?