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This page is devoted to sharing 'Behind The Scenes' type projects that Jesus and I are currently working on, or hoping to create in the future.


We have been contacted by a group in Kenya who wish to share the Divine Truth with their parishes.
We are currently investigating ways to provide them with equipment with which to view video materials as well as funding the translation of written works into five local languages.

You can view a sample our our correspondence with Brother Javan in Kenya below: 
To tell you more about our organisation, yes we are worship based giving church services. To our communities we care for orphans whose parents were killed following the post election crisis in Kenya of the year 2007/2008. Our organisation began just as a peace keeping movement, meeting people and sharing on love. Because we felt people especially christians talk about love but they do not exercise it to themselves and their neighbours resulting to the killings which was recorded even in churches. A group of christians burning their fellow brothers and sisters in faith who were in church. After observation from what happened, some of us and even our friends losing their beloved relatives during the crisis. This made me and my wife to start reviewing about starting a movement which will bring people together in love. We are neither pentacostals nor evangelicals. We are just a movement establishing our path of faith now. The love gospel made more people to join us since they neglected their former gospel which they believe caused the killings which resulted after elections.
As we grew in number, we discussed on finding a group or organisation to affiliate to to help us grow with a vision which will make our followers to be distinctive in behaviour and relationship. We found it so hard in searching an organisation to affiliate to since most of our members have no access to computer and some are illitrate. I went to visit my brother who lives in Nairobi our capital city in mid of this year and i had the chance to be close to computer in Nairobi. I was looking for an organisation which is divine and bears the truth, i went to computer search and typed Divine Truth and to my joy i met you, Divine Truth. I went through your webpages and slowly i developed an interest. I visited your webpages for about 4 days and i came back home after completing my visit. I went to my local  worship center and released the information to the members during our session of reports and news, they were touched and encouraged me to reach the other centers with the same message. I tried to reach more centers although i faced some hardships since some are far away in the far parishes. I hard no money to take vehicle to distant places so i had to use phone call or ring and write short text messages using my phone. The leaders stationed in the parishes had to deliver the message of Divine Truth to their congregations and the response was attractive. We hosted a leaders meeting at a central place on September and we shared more on Divine Truth. I had more information to give from your webpages since i kept travelling to computer. The leaders gave their contributions during the discussion and the agreement was to collect funds for me to visit all congregations, meeting worshipers in their centers and share the Divine Truth message although not detailed to them. I did that in the month of October. I met members during the day and even at night since the centers are many in the 5 parishes. I moved round and collected their views which was an encouragement for us leaders to go forward to contact you as we did. Incorperating Divine Truth to our service is not difficulty since our members have accepted. What we need now is more teachings. We become part of the Divine Truth. This teaching proccess to start with the leaders who in turn reaches the congregations and the centers with the message. We have already allocated session in our program which we use to teach Divine Truth. After receiving more material we shall extend the Divine Truth session of study. Ok your teachings are controversial for most christians in Australia and other parts of the world but with us we have identified the truth in Divine Truth and we shall stand for it. Whether people see the teachings as controversial we are aware that they will starting joining us. This will be extended to the entire Kenya, happy to our government it is free to any religion to exist provided we obey the government laws. Every organisation as to register with the Kenyan government which we have not done because it is very expensive to register with the government. If we get the needed funds we are able to do the registration. We have extended our organisation to Tanzania and we hope to reach the whole of East Africa and the entire Africa given time and resources.

Concerning power supply here we have a 14 WATT Solar as our power supply source and N70 battery, 12 volts. We use this power source in our sound system comprising of amplifier, horn speaker and microphones. This equipments are in our head parish/congregation. As you can see in the photos attached we have a Great Wall TV type which has no the connections you talked about. The TV is not coloured, it is black and white screen.
TV Plug

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has passed her power lines or wires near our parishes but we have no financial ability to pay for our parishes to be supplied with this constant supply of power from the main power supply station, electricity. If we may have the needed resources we can pay for this electricity which is stable. Alternatively, if we get a way of getting generators they will also assist as a power source.

Concerning the distance between our parishes the shortest is 3KM and the furthest is 120KM. Only to some parishes we have poor motorable roads.
 Frequently Asked Questions Youtube Channel:

We have begun weekly filming for the new FAQ youtube channel.

Content on this channel will include short clips of Jesus and I answering questions that we are frequently asked by people who attend talks. We are also shooting short responses to accusations that the media frequently make towards us.

I'm excited about this project as I think short (5-10 minute) clips are a great way for people to learn about the essence of the teachings and the way we approach life.

If you would like to add a question, email:

Humility Study Course:

I am passionate about assisting others to understand the quality of humility, how it looks to live and act in humility in our day to day lives. I often observe people confusing 'being emotional' with 'living humbly'.

While living humbly involves acknowledging and experiencing our emotions, it is also so much more. I'm hoping that the Study Course will give people the opportunity to explore this truth.

Website Upgrade:

At the moment this project falls under the category future desire. We would love to do a complete upgrade of our website to include things like a back-end database that would allow for easy searching etc. once we attract the funds to pay someone with the necessary expertise and a willingness to enact exactly what we desire comes along!


  1. Reading about the Kenyan project moved me. I love that people in many corners of the planet are hearing God's truth!

  2. Hi Mary,

    I just wanted to tell you how touched I was to read this message from Kenya. I really hope Divine Truth continues to spread, and it gives me great joy to see that this is happening.

    All the best, and I pray for the possibilities of more souls to open up to God's Truth.

    With Love,

  3. Wow Kenya ! Amazing !!

    This was so beautiful : "Ok your teachings are controversial for most christians in Australia and other parts of the world but with us we have identified the truth in Divine Truth and we shall stand for it."

  4. Love you both my Sister and Brother. I desire to be what god made me and that i feel is the gold nugget of my life so far. That includes all my desires for art and giving and a full life.

    I like the way you roll

    Fabio x

  5. This day I arose with tears flowing in grief for my past ignorance and participation in the sharing and supporting of teachers and their teachings woven with so many threads of error. I was then drawn to check your blog and came upon this message from Kenya. Thank you for posting it, as it shares the sweet simplicity of one seeking Divine Truth, finding it, and stepping up in the desire to share it with others, despite technical and geographic difficulties. Thank you once again, Jesus and Mary, for your continuing presence with us.

    Your sister in Love and Aloha,
    Carol Marie

  6. I am inspired by his bravery to stand up for what feels right and go full on with it.


  7. I am inspired by Brother Javan's willingness to stand up fully for what he feels is loving.

  8. Thank you for this post. I've been wanting to share Divine Truth with others, but I keep stalling, distracting and allowing my fears to get the better of me. Now I see brother Javan, just up and do it, with nothing other than a passionate desire, having lofty goal to spread DT throughout Kenya and neighboring countries. He understood that with God all things are made easy. Thank you again, Jesus, Mary, for this endeavor, and I'll take the inspiration to heart.

  9. Thank you for this message. It demonstrates to me that if you truly have the desire to spread the words on Divine Truth, it becomes easy. I realized that my desire to do so must not have been surpassed by my fears, of how people might react, how people might reject me. It's still all about me. Brother Javan showed me that you just need to take action and follow your passionate desire. That's all it takes.
    Thank you Jesus, Mary, for demonstrating living Divine Truth all the time.
    Love and Truth,


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