Sunday, September 30, 2012

When Would You Like To Meet For Book Group?

Book group meetings should occur more regularly for the rest of the year.

I received some feedback that the usual 3-5pm time slot in Wondai isn't suitable for some of you. So I'm asking that you let me know your preferred time via email (

Wednesday Book Group Proposed Time Slots:

3pm- 5pm (current regular time slot)
4pm - 6pm

Please let me know your preference in the next week and based on your responses I'll decide on a standard time we stick to in future.

I'm really enjoying leading this group - big gratitude to all of you participating locally and abroad. I sincerely love hearing all of your comments and insights. There is no book group without all of you and I still find it exciting that you all want to explore 'Through The Mists' together.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

In Every Heart

In Chapter 11 of ‘Through The Mists’ our narrator Fredrick learns more about life in the spirit world and the great laws governing all of God’s Creation.

Following is part of his discussion with his guide, Siamedes:
“Then perhaps you can answer me a question which puzzled me many times in the old life?”
            “I will, if possible,” he replied kindly.
            “Which of all the denominations, or religions if you will, contribute the highest percentage of the redeemed?”
            “We recognize but one religion here, that is - Love; and all its disciples have but one denomination - lovers of mankind. No one of all the man-made religions holds a monopoly of this attribute. But earnest and conscientious followers of it may be found in all. Its worship is service to humanity; its litany, noble deeds, its prayers, tears of sympathy; its sermons, simple lives, known and read of all men; its songs are lullabies to soothe the brokenhearted; its faith the immolation of self; and its hope - Heaven. This is the only religion which can write the passports of heaven for the pilgrims of earth. Systems of theology have no more charm for us here than they had on earth; but in every heart there is a latent ideal towards which all mankind is blindly reaching out, a vague and undefined hope to which all the nations are ignorantly aspiring, a settlement of political problems that is only just beyond the reach of statesmen, a method of international arbitration by which peace shall reign on earth; these are all generating in the womb of futurity.”

Part of our homework for this Chapter was to consider the following questions:

In Chapter 11 Cushna makes a statement about Love being the only ‘true religion’.

In this chapter and throughout the book, ‘Through The Mists,’ we learn that the qualities of love and sincere service expressed in our lives are the only true measures of our development.

1. Do I think Cushna’s statement about love is in harmony with what you have learnt about Divine Truth from Jesus? Have I understood this truth by listening to the lectures?

2. How does this statement relate to the way I live my daily life?

3. Given that our development in love alone is what dictates the location we enter into in the spirit world, consider - how would I fare if you entered the spirit world today?

4. How many excuses am I making to avoid living ‘the true religion’?

I thought you might like to join in the reflection. I found this to be a great journal activity.

If you are interested, the recording of the book group meeting in which we discussed these questions was held on 26th of September. It will appear in the playlist on youtube sometime in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snippets of Last Week

Last week one of my favourite Christian writers asked her readers and some friends to write a letter to their teenage self.

One day I might be brave enough to post my letter to myself here, but can I recommend the exercise to you? I cried many tears in the writing of mine and I found an opportunity to love and forgive parts myself that were still hurting and alone.

For those of you in book group, after our discussion of Chapter 10 last week and of collecting curios on the beach, one of the letters caught my eye.


Some years ago I spent time living in Bouj el Barajneh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. This was such a rich experience. I learnt a lot about myself. I was supposed to be there in service to a community of 20,000 completely dispossessed people, generations of them living piled together in one square kilometre.

After two years, my major impression was that I received far more that I had given. I was so deeply honoured to have been accepted into the hearts and homes of so many Palestinian people. One of my most treasured experiences about living in the camp was sitting in homes in the evenings and listening to stories of Palestine, life in the camps, and the trauma and hardship so many had suffered during the Lebanese civil war. As I said, I felt honoured to be trusted with these stories that sculpt a life.

One of my friends, Kholoud has been working with researchers on an oral history project with elderly Palestinians, having them recount stories of their lives and culture before the nakba. If you are a sucker for people’s stories, or for a slice of history not often heard, you can read some of their stories here.


We've been involved with more media and interviews in the past week.

Being around journalists always reminds me that so much of what is reported on in the media is all about perspective, perception and pre-determined viewpoints. I am learning to give up the desire to control what happens and how I am perceived.

I came upon this bible verse that gave me solace:
All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, God opposed the proud but gives grace to the humble.
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  
1 Peter 5: 5-6

And I was also reminded of my favourite children’s story.

I couldn’t find my copy of it, so I found it one online. 

I have certainly gone places in the past five years that I never imagined I would go!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Live From The Heart: Humility In Action

What I love about this speech is that Robert Kennedy is basically saying that each of us have a choice. We can choose to be humble to our pain and loss or to retaliate in hate and revenge, in avoidance of that pain.

I believe that humble hearts are the foundations of true and lasting peace on this planet.

Frankly though a problem I see at times is this:

People hear us say that humility involves an openness to every emotion within them.

People try to focus on their emotions without a clear desire to change themselves, see their errors or their embrace their lives. This creates self-absorption. This is not humble.

In fact these people are overlooking the fact that humility also involves openness to every situation and person they encounter. Someone who is self- centered, self-absorbed is the opposite of this. They are actually self-interested. They resist life and those around them in favour of focus on their own emotions.

A humble person allows their own emotional experience without resistance, and without valuing it over another person's experience.

Humility also involves honouring the truth that each of us are of equal value, as brother and sister, all children of God. A person spending all of their time and energy trying to manufacture humility is valuing their own pointless endeavour over the feelings and experiences of others. 

The fact that a person must try to embody humility means that they are resistive to simply putting it into action. When we want a thing, we engage it. When we can't, we find out why and take steps to change these blocks. But we never have to push or force ourselves into it. 

Trying, as I have often said before, is lying*.

Sad Fact: By trying to focus solely on their emotions people often miss the point. They become less humble and more self-involved. 

Often people try to be humble in order to gain approval, to feel they are 'living the path' the 'right' way. These people miss the point that 'The Way' is a journey, undertaken with the Father. He sees us and knows us but even the attempt to manufacture a facade of humility distances His Heart from our own. It is better to be honest about who we are and where we are at, than to push ourselves towards tears or to create 'paralysis through intellectual analysis'** of our 'issues'. 

Indeed, being real and open about who we are, without expectation or demand for approval or reward, these are the beginnings of walking in humility.


While people focus totally on their own emotions and try to access them (thinking that this is what we mean is the basis of a relationship with God) they miss out on understanding true humility. Ironically, I have seen people living in emotional addiction, avoiding the deepest truths about themselves, and hiding it all behind the banner of 'humility'. 

Such people become isolated and separated. They use a 'spiritual term' to justify pushing their emotions onto others. In this, they not only distance themselves from God but they damage others' understanding of what it means to live humbly.

In contrast, true humility automatically creates connection, not only with self, but with others.  

The qualities of service, leadership, the willingness to confront error and bring about change, all flow from this magic quality humility.

To be humble we must stop trying, and begin allowing what God is truly telling us through our life and our feelings.

Recently I completed a series of interviews (no less than five) with Jesus surrounding the quality of true humility. I am inspired, as always, by the simplicity and power of what he spoke of.

I feel though that we all must be careful that simply hearing these truths does not lead us the arrogance of believing that we live them. That endeavor will take more of our time. The process of truly becoming humble is far more engaging, and beautiful.

Humility is the gift that we would offer our Heavenly Father in order that we would come to know Him and receive His Love and Truth.

It is the vital key to our homecoming.


* This saying was told to me many years ago by a workshop leader. As the years go by, I see again and again, how true this is.

**The saying 'paralysis from analysis' comes from one of our dear friends, Susan.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Radio Interview

AJ and I were interviewed on Irish radio yesterday.

I believe you can now listen to the podcast here, and learn more about the programme we were on here.  **Update: You can now view online here as well.

Last night I was nervous for sure. But its interesting, as I live this strange experience, this life unexpected, to find that the more I face fear, the less power it has over me.

Living in fear, my life is limited to only those events and experiences that I feel comfortable in. I end up feeling puny, powerless and fragile.

Lately, I'm feeling that for every fear I face, my world expands just a little.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Book Group Update

Notice To Local Book Group Regulars

My apologies everyone, I said last week that book group would be held on Thursday but we have only been able to book the hall for Wednesday.

So book group will be held:

Wednesday, 5th of September @ 3pm
Wondai Town Hall
Discussion: 'A Continuation of Chapter 9'

Thank-you for your patience, we'll get back into the swing of things soon.

Also, we hope to be in Kyabra for two weeks after this one.

So Discussion of Chapter 10 will hopefully occur in the Orange Room @ Kyabra Station, exact date and time TBA. Watch the Divine Truth Events Page for details if you are in the Kentucky region.

Here is a flashback to Octoberfest @ Kyabra last year... There is my guy, standing in the light as always

3 Truths

Yvette wrote to me and said:

I'm also really enjoying motherhood (at last).. instead of being in constant fear that I am damaging my children with my suppressed emotions. I am feeling my own emotions much more than before and my children (especially my toddler) is in such a clearer space.  Its so fabulous when she has a tantrum and is crying and then I sit down and feel what it is about in me and as soon as I start crying...she stops! Just like that! It's like magic! I am telling all the mum's I know about it as it's instant feedback and such a beautiful way to help all parties involved! It seems so logical yet we tend to do exactly the opposite in society! Now I've started to see the results for myself it's so much easier to understand. She is a joy to be around at present and we are having such fun together”… “I feel that for the first time since I was introduced to this path that I am enjoying finding out about myself (flaws and all).. I view it now as very valuable feedback that can change as long as I am willing to be humble.”

I smile because I never get tired of hearing gifts of ‘the Way’ expressed from the hearts of others.

You see I have this notion that Divine Truth changes lives.

And even though it’s a narrow way, that will lead us all to know and understand the same strong truths as we walk it, initially we are drawn to it from different places, from different spheres of interest and concern. Different things matter to each of us. 

When someone like AJ comes along and unlocks the Secrets of the Universe, each of us fall upon different truths, and quickly or gradually they work their way into the fabric of our lives changing the tapestry of our souls forever.

Because of that, I’m always excited to hear the unique way Divine Truth is changing reality for someone right now. For Yvette the understanding of one truth about parenting has not only altered her day to day life, its changed her children’s lives forever.

A few months ago I asked a small circle of friends:

“What are the three most significant truths you have learned since finding Divine Truth?
What I really meant was; what would you say if you had to distil the wealth of information offered to you by AJ, down to just three things that have changed the way you view life forever?

They didn't need to be things that encompass or signify everything that this path stands for.

I didn’t want to hear the about what they were on the cusp of learning, things they knew were are ahead to grasp, or the things they thought must be true but hadn’t found home in their hearts just yet.

I didn’t want to hear things that they thought the world should know.

I wanted to hear things that had changed their world, in the way they related to a partner, their family, to life, or to God.

I asked them to tell me the things they had learned about love, or truth, no matter how small.

Because truthfully none of these things, that alter a soul, are small.


The thing is that when a truth has really entered us, when it has been received by our soul, it becomes something we can share with words of our own.

And you see I have this dream - that one day the world will be full of a thousand voices {dare I hope, even more} that all speak strong, loving, life-giving truth in words from their own hearts. That one day {soon} a group of people, doctors and lawyers, mothers and daughters, florists and farm-hands, fathers through to grandsons, could live their own lives, follow their own dreams, and simultaneously lift up their voices to form a glorious chorus of truth. 

That’s the thing about a chorus, that its not formed by us all singing the same note, or saying the same words. A chorus comes when share the melody, but raise up our own unique offering and make the whole song rich.

I believe that such a chorus, united in truth, conducted by love, could reach into every dark corner on this planet and bring healing, and light.

I believe that the world needs more than one voice to speak about God, and Love and Truth. We are each of us unique and our contribution touches those who have shared something of the same journey as ourselves. One day it may be your voice that moves a person that any other would not reach.

Something exciting happened while we were away. After I asked these friends my ‘three truths’ question, a few of them got together with video cameras and {without our direction} decided to put some answers on film. They have since edited the results and I believe the film will appear on youtube soon.

Some Truths Shared:


I have learned:
1. How much I avoided my personal truth and lied to be accepted instead of being me and living passionately doing the things I love to do no matter what people thought about it. 
2. I have learned how much pain I have in me and how much I really don’t want to feel it.
3. That god loves me and how much I am blocked to that love.

1 God is Loving and Love Rules (Big Relief )
2 There is no death ( Mountains of my shoulders )
3 Everlasting discovery, higher and higher emotional experiences and of course unlimited gifts ( No boring bits :))

even though I do not yet feel God
he is always trying to find ways of reaching me,
and has built a whole universe
to guide me home.
God created me capable of experiencing my most deep and painful emotions. To come to know God and for my life to grow in joy, I must allow myself to fully feel my supressed hurt.
The most beautiful things we know of on earth are but a minute fraction of what God has in store for his children. When my heart is touched by the beauty in nature, I am reminded that these are gifts and expressions of love, from God… to me.


1) I can never have a deep and loving soul relationship with my soulmate until I let go and resolve the emotional hooks and injuries I carry from and with my mother.
2) My children can never be healthy and free to be themselves until I can fully own and feel truly sorry for the damage I have caused them.
3) I can never be free to feel and know who I am until I let go my deep need to look after my family's, and other people's emotions and welfare before my own.


1) Obeying God's Laws will lead me to happiness.
(*I almost always forget this one, but there is no denying that it is
2) My unfelt, unloving feelings attack, harm and damage people,
animals and environment, close to me and in the whole world. (I hurt
people by holding onto my hurt)
3) If I am humble, God can show me love and truth.


Mathew 19:26  "Everything is possible with God" - at the moment this plays a very helpful role in bringing me from self reliance to God reliance. 

Whenever I am focused on results, or failure, or others opinions I am not being God reliant and I am not giving God my best. God reliance is when I am in my desires and giving my best to God and am not concerned about the results, (provided I am in harmony with love).

·        God loves all his children equally.............I haven’t been forgotten.........I am worthy of God’s Love......., God’s love is available to us all and obtainable by all his children.............that includes me and all I have to do is ask..............

·        We have a soul, the soul is eternal and the condition of my soul is the direct result of the use of my freewill ................ My growing relationship with God depends on my willingness to be open to the real condition of my soul

·        The Spirit Life is real and is an extension of this life.......not all spirits are loving..........spirits in poor condition are my brothers and sisters who have never known love and deserve my compassion


The three most significant truths since meeting you guys? That's easy, I don't have to cook every night!  Just joking.

1. I can not feel God, connect with God or be helped by God unless I am prepared to be in truth in that moment. To receive Gods Love I must be open to Gods truth, specifically and especially about myself!!

2. Every hurt or belief inside me, every unhealed, unresolved grief is automatically passed to my children and born silently as their own.

3. I’ve learnt how desperately I have sought mans approval instead of Gods Love and how unloving this has been to everyone around me. This makes me cry as I write and reminds me of the bible quote about serving two masters.