Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sun is Shining, Weather is Sweet

Barbados = Mangoes, Paddle Boarding, Welcome Rest, Good Company & Sunshine

Just lovely!


  1. Wow...I feel relaxed just looking at the pic! That guys has got it sorted.. Perfect posi with his mattress under the tree!
    Lovely to hear you guys are lapping up the sun & fun ☼
    ❤ Philippa x

  2. We just wish to put forward a number of questions which we would like answered. We have studied the bible in it's numerous forms and would like some answers if possible to long asked questions. Firstly, the year of Jesus' birth and also His whereabouts in the lost years. Thank you

  3. ok that seemed too hard, how about who was at Jesus' trial, and who was he passed over to?

  4. Ok you may want to explain Revelations. It was Jesus himself who revealed it to John via His angel. So you have access to the source.
    What is the beast?
    What is the dragon?
    Who is the whore?
    Who do the horns and crowns represent?
    What do the 7 seals represent?
    Who holds the book of 144000?
    What are the 12 foundations?
    What of the fall of babylon?
    When are the 1000 years?
    Who is the anti-christ?
    What does 666 represent?
    What is the mark?

    Judgement Day is upon us, may Gods love protect you.

  5. Oh and one last thing, and this is for you and the other followers specifically - Christianity has never, doesn't, and never will believe in reincarnation. It is against God, as is sexual relations outside of marriage. This is the breaking of a commandment and partaking in the deadly sins, not to mention in direct violation of Jesus teachings. I just wanted to make that clear.

    1. Hi We of the Sixth Day,

      It seems to me that you aren't actually posing questions, rather trying to make points. Since this lacks sincerity, there doesn't seem much point in answering.

      I wish you well,

  6. Enjoy! We were hoping to catch you in Pennsylvania, but schedules conflicted. Ahh! Hope you come back to the USA soon. Safe travels...

  7. What a lovely story! Really happy to hear about Denny and thanks also to everyone who funded the trip, I was especially glad about the part in England!
    Hope to see you somewhere again soon! Best wishes, Emily


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