Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grain of Sand

Recently we stayed with some beautiful people.....

                          and I wanted to tell you about their amazing blog... 
                                                                      (click on 'blog' to see it!)

       our trip was full of treasured things......

God's Love and Goodness washes over the world, I am so grateful....

I borrow some words from a friend......

To You GOD
You are so vast
I am so minute
Your Love for me, I cannot understand
I have so little to give to You, as is a grain of sand
what I give to You, I give You all
I am yet to learn
Ken Scott


  1. Beautiful words & great shots Mary... It was so lovely to see you guys. I feel so much gratitude to everyone at the property, it was a huge week & a magical one too... Love to You Philippa x

  2. Your words always get to me...was about to prepare for going to work, had a peak at your blog and there I go...snif...thank you. :)


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